UI Design, Production, Quality Analysis
2017 Gold ADDY for Consumer Website
2017 Gold ADDY for Art Direction
This is one of the largest sites I've had the privilege to work on. Not only were there 17 different page types, but those pages needed to beautifully house a wide variety of content. We created solutions that would accommodate everything from minimal text to lengthy text, lighter imagery to darker imagery, archived photos to beautiful new photography. We cranked out hundreds of images in every required aspect ratio, bearing in mind the final composition of those elements. We worked closely with the developers along the way to ensure a stellar final product. The site is responsive and has an elegant user experience.
My Art Director at POSSIBLE was fantastic. She had a beautiful vision that I rolled out under her supervision, and we both think very analytically, which was critical for the success of such a complicated site.
The developers did a great job bringing our designs to life. You can view the designs below or explore the live site at

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