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Hi, I’m Jess. I live in Cincinnati with my husband, son, and our pug, Piddles. If I’m not working or chasing after our son, I’m probably building something for our house or designing a nerdy T-shirt.

What Do I Do?
Primarily, I’m a User Interface Designer. Simply put, I visually design the layouts and interactions for every state of a website or app. I then produce all the assets needed to build the site and communicate the style specifications to the developers. After they work their magic, I review everything to ensure the design is accurately implemented.
More broadly, I’m a Digital Designer. While I love the complexity of UI Design, I also enjoy other forms of digital marketing. I’ve broken up my Work section to give some examples of eCommerce, Emails, Social Posts, and Banner Ads.

I've Worked with Many Great Brands
“There’s absolutely no way this [website] would have happened without you. The quality work, thinking, design, turn-around, ideas, caring, concern and attention to detail… shall I carry on further? You are a delight to work with and we appreciate your willingness to share ideas. We oftentimes think we know what we want until we see what you provide. I look forward to having you on our team for years and years. Again, thank you for everything you’ve brought to our company.” 
– Jan S. Moore, CEO at Direct Options

My Philosophy
Relationships matter. Good business is about understanding and delivering on the needs of people – everyone connected to a project. I care about my client's goals, the experience of the end user, and the expectations placed on the people with whom I work.
Good design makes life easier and more beautiful. I strive to create clean, intuitive experiences that clearly convey a message.
Design decisions should support business objectives. Just because something looks cool doesn’t mean it’s right for a business. I have a BBA, so I consider the strategy behind the designs I create.
At the end of the day, I just want to do good work to help my clients achieve their goals. I will passionately defend a course of action when I believe in it, but I have no room for egotism in my life.
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