UI Design, Web Design, Production, Quality Assurance
Essilor had a number of websites providing different resources for Eye Care Professionals. At Grey Midwest, we designed the EssilorPRO Portal to be a central hub, bringing all that content to one site.
Under a Creative Director, I worked closely with UX and development to roll out this entirely
new site. Using the existing branding as a foundation, I laid out every page and state on desktop, tablet, and phone. The overall design was responsive, but the complexity of some content required adaptive solutions.
Working from wireframes, I created all the designs in Photoshop. I selected all the header images, developed consistent systems such as color coding, designed some new icons, and made all the granular design decisions. The site was modular and would grow in future phases, so scalability and consistency were key.
I was responsible for slicing everything and providing direction to the developers. I uploaded all the layouts to an application called Zeplin to aid them in matching the design. Once on staging, I performed multiple rounds of design QA.

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