UI Design, Production
AtriCure develops medical devices to treat atrial fibrillation. They sought to redesign their website to better reflect their therapies-first, product-second approach for healthcare professionals and also to expand their content to better educate patients and caregivers. 
My Creative Director / UX Designer at Sogeti was fantastic. Before I came into the project, he had established the new look and feel with the client. Once I joined, we had 8 weeks to work in tandem. He was a step ahead creating wireframes, and I followed behind designing everything. We were able to regularly collaborate; I'd weigh in on UX solutions, and he'd weigh in on design choices.
In that short period, I designed 17 unique page types for desktop and phone, handling all necessary revisions. I shared design specifications and additional notes with the development team by way of Zeplin. I created more than 260 optimized slices and prepped additional production files for pieces that were still under review when my contract came to an end. 
Efficiency was the key word here, so some of the mobile samples below are only partial pages. If I had already designed a module, development didn't need to see it again with slightly different content.

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