Digital Design, Production
Under an Art Director at Grey Midwest, I designed Amazon content for dozens of Energizer products. These ranged from batteries to chargers to various types of lights. I created both Basic (or Above the Fold) content and Enhanced (or A+) content.
I was also responsible for designing this content in different regions: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. This entailed laying out content in different languages as well as modifying the designs to align with the different brand standards for each region. In the examples below, you will see the Energizer Bunny used in the United States and Mr. Energizer used in France.
One of the most important aspects of designing Amazon Enhanced Content – that I find is often neglected by designers – is creating the layout to match Amazon's actual spacing. In the designs below, the artwork flows from one cell to another. When the spacing is accurate, you can really push the limitations of Amazon's grid. When the spacing doesn't match what goes live, it severely detracts from the design quality. And that negatively influences the customer's perception of the product quality.
Basic Content
USA and France
Enhanced Content
USA and France

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